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Not only are the Toronto Raptors (the once laughing stock of the NBA) the 3rd seed in the NBA (behind the three-peat seeking Miami Heat) they are also the Atlantic Division Champions. Like most sports fans from Toronto I had no idea that we actually could produce a winning squad in the millennial era. i am pleasantly surprised.

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As expected The Ultimate Warrior’s legacy was prominently featured on this week’s Raw and WWE did the Hall of Famr right with several clips throughout the night and began it’s show with a touching tribute video and the customary 10 bell salute.

The tributes will…

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Another year another Coachella success and it’s just week one. Hip Hop is on full feature display in 2014. You probably saw a few clips here and there on whatever social network you use the most, or all of them. No matter if you caught the Outkast reunion or A$AP Ferg’s set, you might have missed a couple or maybe you want to re-watch them.

I really don’t care why, here are some of the sets (that are still online and) that I wished I saw live.

I’ve never seen Skateboard P live but this seems like a cool ass fun show.

I don’t really want to see a full Solange set, but watching Solange and Beyonce dance together is something I will never not want to see.

If there was an RnB diva I always want to watch and hear, it’s the Queen of Hip Hop, Soul and RnB. Mary J. Blige was a guest of British Electronic band Disclosure and as usual killed it.

Of course the big news out of the opening weekend was Nas celebrating the 20th anniversary of Illmatic and bringing out Hova and Puff Daddy.

Of course there was a bunch of pics, the winner was obviously Kid Cudi who scored pics with both Sir Paul McCartney and The Hoff, David Hassellhoff.

Can’t wait for the rest of the week!

Coachella Hangover - Nas, Jay-Z, Pharrell, Beyonce, Solange, Mary J Blige Another year another Coachella success and it’s just week one. Hip Hop is on full feature display in 2014.

Although the TWHH report is over 2 weeks old (maybe 3) I’m really just covering the stuff from last week. The “blind mix” also follows suit.

The third installment of the First Time I ever Heard This mix aka the “Blind” Mix. Just downloaded some joints and ran them for the first time.

After a 2 week hiatus I’m back with some new joints from the past week. You definitely tell it’s a blind mix,…

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Coachella was this weekend and the most anticipated act on opening day Friday was made by those funky Atlantan legends reuniting on stage. Of course I’m talking about Outkast.

Together with Janelle Monae & Future they ran through hits while the ‘pop music’ crowd sort of kind of reacted. Maybe it was the early morning/laaaate night set time, the super dark stage production or the lack of equally…

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Just uploaded First Time I Ever Heard This. Vol. 3 to Mixcloud. Listen now!

#Deadpool got married? Wait what????? In Issue 27 #wadewilson gets married and every hero in #Marvel attends the wedding!


Of all the characters in the Marvel Universe, the one everyone has deemed most UNLIKELIEST to get married is DEADPOOL!

Yes, that’s right Wade Wilson, the Merc with the Mouth got married in the never popular #27th issue of a series.

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The Alliance To End Hulkamania: The Ultimate Solution

Throwback Thursday – Classic n8itude Original Article

Adapted from original article (circa 2007)

This is another classic Corkscrewplancha article. During our now daily/hourly Facebook chats the WM8 contingent somehow brought this angle up. So this article is re-dedicated to Nick for reminding I wrote something about this years ago. The fact that it is somewhat relevant to the Ultimate Warrior was…

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Yes it’s True The Ultimate Warrior has passed away - R.I.P. #wwe #ultimatewarrior #ripwarrior #wwehof #wrestling


The most hyped and anticipated Hall of Fame inductee of all-time has passed away. The freaky part was that it was literally 3 days after he was inducted into said Hall and a mere day after he made his first (since 1996) and “ultimately” final appearance on WWE Raw. The man born James Helwig, first known as the Dingo Warrior, now legally known as Warrior but forever regaled as The Ullllltimate…

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