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Running Wild with Bear Grylls - Season 1
Deion Sanders is a Hall of Fame football star, former baseball player, Tim McCarver pisser offer, television star, rap flunkie and my favourite football hero ever. Bear Grylls is a hailed British military soldier, adventurer, television star and recently a motivational speaker who is scaring the beejeesus out of American celebs on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. The season finale is where the two…

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The Tonight Show Family Feud featuring Steve Harvey, Jason Segal and The Roots


Jimmy Fallon has added so many must see clips to the interwebospehere over the years starting from his Late Show and has ramped it up as he took over the reigns of The Tonight show. However, nothing he has done is his talk show host career was funnier than when he brought out Steve Harvey to host the Family Feud right on the Tonight Show.

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How do I make my own Designer Vinyl Toys? #toys #howto #vinyl #vinyltoy


As a self-professed nerd and semi-avid toy collector I obviously have noticed the plethora of plastic toys/sculpturespopping up in every art-deco shop and random conventions. FanExpo really brought it to my attention with every single toy vendor hocking Funko Pop! Vinyls in every form, as well as cube/block based creations. Funko seems to have a hold on that market. I want to get my mitts deep…

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As most people know I’m a collector of random pop culture memorabilia. In particular comics books and action figures (like a true geeky nerd). I usually get what is either cool or exclusive. I also have a few mini collections within my toy hunting collection. Funko is finally releasing a Hulk Hogan Pop! Vinyl figure which would mean that there would be a figure for every one of my 4 specific…

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Started from the Friday now we here … mid-afternoon SaturdaySunday. Bored? On the can? Need some random interwebbing but you have no web GPS? Keep reading but only if you’re interested in things like What the Cronut creator has planned next, Zach Morris vs Screech, a performer who covers himself in a full body chicken skin suit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle history and more as well as a DJ…

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This is my #rubikscube on my black shelf #green #orange #toy

The #hulksmash #hulk #hulkarmy is looking for new members! hopefully #fanexpo will help me out in a few weeks #comicbooks #toy #toyhunter #actionfigure

#baseball #collectibles shelf includes the #kenburns #documentary #garsheffield #nyyankees #statue #toy #bluejays #coke cans and tribute books #mlb

When is the #morphodroids movie coming out? Looking at the back of old #comicbooks and I found this #toy #copycat #print #ad @retrotoyenvy have u ever seen these?

#Saltfish is the official #Soca Snack of #Caribana and #Carnival!

Caribana weekend is here!!! Even though I don’t go out to jams as much and may or may not even go out this weekend, including the parade, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the new tunes. In 2014 there are so many crazy new tunes that keeps me wining (for 3 minutes) and car seat grinding for days. I listen to soca damn near everyday, I thought last year was a boom in tunes but this year it’s even…

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