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As expected The Ultimate Warrior’s legacy was prominently featured on this week’s Raw and WWE did the Hall of Famr right with several clips throughout the night and began it’s show with a touching tribute video and the customary 10 bell salute.

The tributes will…

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The WrestleManiac 8 Wrap-Up the Wrestlemania XXX Weekend


The WM8 Posse is a group of my friends from various walks of my life, that all have one thing in common…they like Wrestling. A lot. So that is probably why I maintain a friendship with them…also because all of them are foolish in their own way, and that itself is the key to being my friend. Seriousness can get the ‘f’ out. Lance Storm would probably not be my friend…even though I follow him on…

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Slammy Award for Best Fan Reaction goes to: One reaction will be immortalized in memes for the next few weeks #wwe #undertaker #brocklesnar

If there was one positive about Undertaker losing to Brock Lesnar and ending the streak at WrestleMania 30 it is the facial reactions to the loss.

Clearly there is a winner. One reaction that will be immortalized in memes for the next few weeks, and used in video packages for the rest of Brock`s career.

WWE hasn’t had the Fan Reaction award in a minute, but something tells me in December it will…

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#yes #yes #yes #yestlemania #wrestlemania #danielbryan wins! #wwe

21-1 What? #wwe #wrestlemania #streakisover #brocklesnar beat #undertaker

Aint no messin with the #kliq kliq kliq #wwehof @scotthallnwo #wrestling #wwe #nwo #dx


GOOD SELLING!         -      GREAT SELLING!!        -    ZIGGLER SELLING!!!

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Each week on n8itude.com I will scrub the dirtsheets, twitter and all over the net for the latest interesting tidbits in ye old rasslin “universe”. WWE, TNA and whoever else is relevant to me right now.

Quickie notes: Next Week is “WWE Week” on USA. Monday - Raw featuring the Slammy Awards. Tuesday - Live Commerical Free Smackdown. Wednesday - Tribute To the Troops. Thursday - Big Show on Burn Notice *yawn*. Friday - CM Punks hosts a Dwayne Johnson movie .. *double yawn* I’ll wait for the clips with Punk witty subtle disses towards the Rock to inevitably come online.

TNA had it’s Final Resolution PPV and it was … ok. I rate it a big … meh. Bully Ray vs Austin Aries was the match of the night with Aries taking awesome bumps, and Bully Ray doing a bunch of innovative stuff (for him) including a double front faced missile dropkick from the top rope, that had Austin bouncing all the way across the ring, ala Mr. 316’s stunners to the Rock year ago.

Don’t look for either Macho Man or Sting in next years HOF class, as both have been cut off the list. Vince is never going to backtrack and induct the entire Poffo family and the TNA lawsuit makes mentioning Sting in WWE a no-no.

Promo of the Week

Above: Raven is the new Commish for Hardcore RoadTrip one of three Hardcore (ECW-lite) promotions he’s involved in. RoadTrip is making it’s way to London Ont. in January … I might just be there.

Below: Velvet Sky made her return to TNA on Impact, here are some backstage comments direct from her Impact return. Why? Because it’s Velvet Sky, idiot.

Michael ‘PS’ Hayes pays tribute to his Freebird brother Terry ‘Bam Bam’ Gordy.